Reign of Reminiscence

The past defines us. It shows us where we have come from, and all that we have achieved. The memories of the past, our reminiscence, inform and influence our present and guide us in everything that we do. Only when we have a firm handle on the past can we aspire to look forward to the future. We celebrate the power of the past as we let our experiences and stories take the reigns and pave the way for our future success.

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The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) was established as the first national institute for Post-Graduate studies and Research in Management by the Government of India in November 1961. Over the years, IIMC has grown into a mature institution with global reputation, imparting high quality management education. It has been playing a pioneering role in professionalising Indian management through its Post Graduate and Doctoral level programs, Executive Training Programs, Research and Consulting Activities.

7 lakes fest is the inaugural college fest combining the legacy of 28 years of Intaglio (business summit), Carpe diem (cultural fest), and 7 lakes run(sports). Spread over three days, 7 Lakes Fest is the most prominent college fest of Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, and one of the most eagerly awaited festivals on the calendar for all colleges across the country. It provides a platform for participants from some of India’s most prestigious institutes to come together and showcase their talent in business skills, music, dance, quizzing, sports, creativity, theatre, and literary events.